Produce Processor

Produce Processor

Reports to: Processing Supervisor


As employees of the Processing Department, the demands of the job vary from one day to the next, based on the demands of our customers. As a result, it is important to be flexible as individuals, and work together as a team under the direction of the Processing Supervisor, to meet the demands of the department.


Duties & Responsibilities


Quality Control: It is the responsibility of Produce Processors to check product continually, to ensure that it is up to the quality standards which our customers expect. Any product that does not meet those standards must be set aside for disposal.


Rush Orders for same-day shipment: Rush orders for same-day shipment must take priority each day until all orders are prepared, packaged and ready to ship.


Orders for next day shipment: Orders for next day shipment must be prepared, packaged, and stored for shipment the following day.


Custom Orders for customers: Custom Orders must be prepared, packaged, and stored as required for shipment.


Order Checking: All orders must be checked for quality and fill accuracy by the Processing Supervisor prior to leaving the Processing Department.


Product for Store Inventory: Processed items must be prepared and packaged when required, to replenish inventory for sale in the company store.


Maintaining Processing inventory: The inventory of produce to be kept in the Processing Department for processing must be reviewed and replenished on an ongoing basis.


Workplace Sanitation: Practicing proper habits of sanitation and hygiene is of the utmost importance, in order to maintain the highest standards of quality for our customers. In addition to ensuring personal cleanliness, the work area, including all tools, boards, knives, towels, etc, must be maintained in a clean and orderly condition.


Safety: A Produce Processor has a duty to and responsibility to comply with the Company's Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, and to report unsafe acts and hazardous conditions.


Order-filling: At busy times, it may be necessary to help the warehouse staff in filling orders to meet the demands of our customers for the day.


Knowledge and Skill Required


Prior experience in the produce industry is an asset. Product training may be provided by spending time in the warehouse filling orders, as well as time in Quality Control and Repack. A strong knowledge of product standards is critical, and eventually it will be an asset to gain a knowledge of specific customer requirements. The ability to work cooperatively with others in a close environment is essential to the atmosphere of teamwork in the Processing Department. Concentration and attention to detail.