Dried Ancho Pepper

Pepper Ancho, Poblano Dried

The poblano is a mild chili pepper originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Dried, it is called ancho or chile ancho, from the Mexican Spanish name ancho or chile ancho. Stuffed fresh and roasted it is popular in chile rellenos poblanos.

Dried Chipotle Chili

Dried Chili Pepper

A chipotle, or chilpotle, which comes from the Nahuatl word chilpoctli, is a smoke-dried jalapeño. It is a chili used primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines, such as Mexican-American, Tex-Mex, and Southwestern dishes.

Dried Pasilla Chili

Pasilla Chili Dried

The pasilla chile or chile negro is the dried form of the chilaca chili pepper, a long and narrow member of species Capsicum annuum. Named for its dark, wrinkled skin and pronounced pah-SEE-yah, it is a mild to medium-hot, rich-flavored chile.

Birds Eye Peppers

Peppers Birds Eye

Bird's eye chili, bird eye chili, bird's chili or Thai chili is a chili pepper, a cultivar from the species Capsicum annuum, commonly found in Southeast Asia.

Cherry Hot Pepper

Peppers Cherry Hot

The Cherry Hot is a round red pepper with a sweet, succulent flesh. Cherry Hots are considered mild, and are typically used fresh or pickled and jarred. These peppers are actually very mild, scoring about a 500 on the Scoville heat index.

Long Chili Peppers

Peppers Chili Long

Long pepper (Piper longum), sometimes called Indian long pepper (Pipli), is a flowering vine in ... Indonesia. The fruits of this plant are often confused with chili peppers, which belong to the genus Capsicum , originally from the Americas.

Cubanelle Pepper

Pepper Cubanelle

The Cubanelle, also known as "Cuban pepper" and "Italian frying pepper", is a variety of sweet pepper of the species Capsicum annuum. When unripe, it is light yellowish-green in color, but will turn bright red if allowed to ripen.

Ghost pepper

Pepper Ghost

The Bhut jolokia, also known as ghost pepper, ghost chili, U-morok, red naga, naga jolokia and ghost jolokia, is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated in the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.

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